I am an architect specialized in Architectural Photography: I have chosen to focus only on this kind to ensure a high level of expertise and experience and a wide range of professional equipment.


I started taking photography at a very young age, thanks to my father's teachings on technique and composition. I was born in coinciding with the advent of the first digital cameras, so I learned to use both the digital and the film ones, capturing the strengths and weaknesses of both, but without any prejudice deriving from habit.


I attended the Italian Institute of Photography for a year: a renowned photography academy in Milan where I was able to deepen the photographic technique, learn the use of software, study color management, use the professional instrumentation, studying the differences between photographic genres and above all doing a lot of practice, always followed by expert professors.

Then I attended architecture University I began to specialize precisely in the architecture sector, collaborating mainly with the real estate agencies. I took courses in architecture photography, supporting them with my self-study on books, magazines and the internet.

I managed to transform what was born as a passion (also) into work, starting to collaborate with architectural firms, real estate agencies, construction companies and restaurants.


Today I work in Italy as a freelance photographer and in Switzerland as a photographer and architect at SitDesign, an interior architecture studio in Lugano.

I work mainly with the following categories of professionals and companies:

-estate agents

-interior designer

-architecture studies

- construction companies

-hotel and B&B

- restaurants



My goal is to create images with a clear and distinctive style to increase the online visibility and recognition of your company.


I offer the following types of services:

- indoor and outdoor photography

- indoor and outdoor videos

-Photography and video with drone

-virtual tour

-virtual staging

-home staging (supported by another professional)


I work mainly in northern Italy and Switzerland, but I am available to move where there is a need.


Contact me to talk about your project so that I can develop a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Download my CV here.


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+39 333 3727879

Monza, (MB), Lombardia, Italy